Prepare To Take Flight: The History Of The Air Jordan Bred 1

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

– Michael Jordan

Truly great words to live by. Michael Jordan, hate him or love him but nobody can deny the mans contribution to the world of basketball. Being named the greatest player of all time by numerous hardcore basketball fans and when you look at his track history you can start to see why why. 6 championship titles, a total of 14 MVP awards, selected 14 times for the NBA all-star games and the list goes on and on. But we are not here to discuss Jordans contribution to the game, we are here to discuss one of the greatest results of his NBA career. I’m talking about the Air Jordan Brand and in this post we are diving specifically into the one that started it all. The Air Jordan 1.


The Air Jordan is more than a shoe to some people. it’s the beginning of a legacy. dating all the way back to 1985 and still being produced to this day. every sneakerhead and their mom knows about the Air Jordans and back in 1985 the Air Jordan 1’s were the hottest shoe to drop on the market. while we today are gonna stay focused on the 1’s may post about how Michael Jordan got his deal with Nike  and almost signed with Adidas in another post. But for now Lets take a look at the most well-known Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan 1 Bred


The Air Jordan 1 Bred 2016

Almost everyone knows about the Air Jordan 1 Breds and the history behind the shoe. But in case you are new to the sneaker game or just do not know. The Air jordan 1 Bred (black/red) was banned by the NBA for violating League regulations. The League demanded that player shoes were at least 51% white and because of the half black, half red colourway of the Breds, Jordan was not allowed to wear them, and that’s why some people also refer to the bred 1’s as “The banned 1’s”. According to history Jordan wore the shoes during his games anyway and because of that he was fined 5000$ for breaking NBA uniform regulations but Nike who told him to wear the shoe during his games did not care about the fine and happily paid it because they made so much money of the bred 1’s that 5000$ were pennies in comparison.

But there are a bunch of people in the sneaker community who claim that this story is false, and nothing but a myth that Nike created as a marketing strategy to sell the Air Jordan 1 Breds. if you look up pictures of Michael Jordan playing in the NBA during 1984 and 1985 you will find him playing in the white and red Chicago colourway or the Black Toe colourway. Two different colouways that Nike produced alongside the Breds.The only pictures that show him wearing the Air Jordan 1 Bred are during the 1985 dunk contest besides that there are no real evidence of him wearing the Breds during an NBA game

But the madness dosen’t stop there, people also claim that it wasn’t even the Air Jordan 1 Bred who got banned by the NBA regulations. Another shoe Called The “Nike Air Ship” in a red/black colourway similar to the Air Jordan 1, was the real shoe who got hit by NBA regulations during a preseason game against the New york Knicks, during Jordans Rookie year. The Air ship look similar to the Air Jordan 1 and that’s why Nike got away with saying that The Breds were the one who got the ban instead of the Air ships.


Jordan during his rookie year wearing the Nike Air Ship

many speculate that this was a brilliant marketing move on Nike’s part. Not only did they acquire a massive talent to their roster, but they managed to create a hot shoe by making up a story at the same time, or at least that what many people speculate.

It is important to note that to this day there hasn’t been an official spokesperson to either confirm the theory or the story about the 1’s getting banned, but many people see the idea behind it if it the theory turned out to be true, just take a look at this link to the commercial regarding the Air Jordan Breds


But in the end love him or hate him Michael Jordan IS and will always be considered one the, if not the best player in NBA history. And even though he may not play on the field anymore making those amazing shots and hard dunks, The Air Jordan legacy will forever live on, in the shoes that the Air Jordan brand put out. And even thought the story behind the breds may not be true, they are still considered a holy grail and a mandatory must, in every sneakerheads collection




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