Jet Planes And Not So Royal Blood: The History Behind The Air Jordan 1 Royal

One thing that many of the Air Jordans have in common despite their different style and design. Is that MJ wore them on the court during his NBA career. MJ was happy to wear every single product Nike gave him, and why would wouldn’t he. Winning games using the shoe from his own brand is a genius way of marketing your product. The better you play in them the better they sell. Thats mainly why the Air Jordan 11 is ranked so high among sneakerheads. The Air Jordan 11’s was the shoe MJ wore during his comeback year and won a championship in, and if that doesn’t sell your shoe, i don’t know what will. But today we are going to look at a classic that was made iconic in the sneakerhead community. But what makes this classic different is that MJ never wore it on the court.


Air Jordan 1 Royal 2017 release

With the re-release of the Air Jordan 1 Royals that dropped a couple of weeks back i thought it was fitting to talk about the majestic shoe that is the Royal 1. i was fortunate enough to cop a pair for myself and i hope to everyone reading this that they did aswell. And in case you didn’t, i hope you find a pair at a good price. But enough talk about me let’s get into the history behind the shoe!


Just like the Bred 1’s MJ never actually wore the Royals during an NBA game during his career. Many people speculate why this is, but most point to the same reasons as with the Breds, that the shoe didn’t met NBA uniform regulations. But despite it never been worn by MJ in a game, the shoe itself is special because according to the legend himself, this particular colorway was his favorite. The Air Jordan 1 Royal was also the first shoe that became available to the public.

To help promote the shoe Nike created this exact picture


Air Jordan Flight Guy Poster

This picture was used by Nike to create the very first promotional poster for the Air Jordan brand. To sum this was the very first time seeing their basketball legend in a store wearing a shoe that they were actually able to buy for themselves. With his own Air Jordan 1 Royals alongside his black/blue track suit this poster was nicknamed “Flight Guy” and the picture was taken by sports photographer Chuck Kuhn on a cold Oregon morning. A fun fact to note is that the jet behind MJ was not supposed to be there. According to Kuhn he felt the sun was in the right position at the right time and despite the jet being in the way he took the shoot anyway. That may be the reason why the decided to call it “Flight guy”


While MJ never wore the royals on an NBA court there is actually one photo of him wearing them during a game of basketball.


MJ PLaying In The Royal 1’s

This photo of Jordan rocking his Royals while wearing his track suit, on what appears to be a cruise ship. Has also become an iconic picture since it’s the only picture of him showing MJ wearing the Royals during a basketball game. Granted it’s no NBA game but he still seems to go hard at it, against this shirtless fine-looking chap who is wearing more ordinary white basketball shoes.


While the Royals may not have a giant story behind it as the Breds. They are still considered a grail of a shoe amongst sneakerheads. And one day when the weather stops pouring rain on me and decides to smile a little bit of sun my way I will take my own pair of Royals to the streets, and rock them like the shameless show off that i am. But for now i will just take the time to appreciate that a normal person like me can be so lucky to own a shoe like that.


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