The Italian Stalion: The History Of The Air Jordan 2

With one big shoe to your name that spawned an era that would continue on into the new millenia, you have to keep that legacy going, and that’s exactly what Nike did. The Air Jordan 2 is considered one of the most underappreciated Jordans in the sneaker community. The reason behind this may be the different take that Peter Moore and Rob Strasse took with the shoe. They wanted the shoe to have a bigger focus on design rather than logos, weather that was a succesful move is up for debate, but thats enough speculation lets dive down into the history behind the Air Jordan 2!


The Air Jordan 2

realesed in 1987 the Air Jordan 2 would be the second in line, in the Air Jordan legacy. Right off the bat people could tell that this was not an ordinary basketball shoe, some may not at first glance tell that this is a basketball shoe. Peter Moore and Rob Strasse the designers behind the Air Jordan 1 decided they wanted to go in another direction with the Air Jordan 2. they decided to focus more on the design of the shoe rather than just the logo, and thus the air jordan 2 was th first Nike shoe to ever be created with out the iconic swoosh logo.

This was also the first shoe ever to be produced in Italy and that’s why the 2 looks like more of an italian shoe rather than a basketball shoe. The shoe’s upper was also made with faux lizard skin similar  to what you will find in some italian women’s boots.

The Air Jordan 2 wasn’t exactly what you would call popular when it hit shelves many speculate that it’s because of the look and that it didn’t really fit with the public, others speculate that the price point of 100$ was the reason to its demise. It’s also worth to note that 100$ back then was equivalent to 190$ in todays money.

While the Air Jordan 2 may not be the most popular shoe in the Jordan line it was the one to spawn a lot of Air Jordan firsts. The Air jordan 2 was the first shoe to spawn a PE. To those who do not know what a PE is. A PE is a player exclusive shoe that is given to a specific player, the exlusive part of that is that he is given the only pair in existence. The guy to receive this PE was  a young Carmelo Anthony who received the shoe in a Denver nuggets colourway since it was the team he was playing for. But it wouldn’t be the only exclusive 2 to be produced.


The Eminem 2’s

in 2008 the famous rapper Eminem had a book coming out but alongside that, Jordan brand also realesed the Air Jordan 2 Eminem wich featured Eminems “The Way I Am” lyrics written all over it. This Air Jordan 2 is the most expensive of the bunch and that’s because besides being a collab with one of the greatest rappers of all time, there was only 313 pair produced. Why 313 pairs you ask? well thats because thats the area code of detroit, were eminems is from.

But aside from realesing limited and exclusive pairs Nike decided to retro the Air Jordan 2 in 1994, but there was just one problem. When retroeing a shoe its important to have the originals mold so that you can create it again with new materials and make changes to the new realese. But the thing is that the Mold for the Air jordan 2 was stolen from Nike and therefore they had to find another way to create a mold for the 2. They decided that since they couldn’t use the original mold, they used the mold from a shoe that was already produced and they repeated that process when the 2’s released again in 2004.

Since the original Air Jordan 2 realesed,there has been numerous new colourways incl. ones where black was the primary colour. but despite Nike’s attempt to make the 2 look cool it still remains one of the most underappreciated shoes in the Jordan line up. I don’t personally think it’s that bad of a shoe, Jordan seemed to drop the ball after the 13 in my opinion.

But never the less, I appreciate the attempt Peter Moore and Rob Strasse made with the 2. They had a vision and took a risky chance with the shoe. The Air Jordan 2 would also be the last shoe they designed and while they may not have been succesful with melting european fashion togeather with an ordinary basketball shoe, as i said earlier you got to appreciate the attempt


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