I’m a college student with a passion for sneakers

This blog is made for people who is looking for a place that blogs about sneakers in a more casual way. While there are other bigger sneaker blogs talking about what moves and whats hot in the sneaker world. I’m mainly focusing on the history of some sneakers and also my own opinion pieces.

Jordans are my favorite shoe i got to admit that and that’s why most of my pieces are going to be about Jordans. Thats not to say i won’t look at other Nike shoes or even maybe Adidas, Reebok or other brands. But i write pieces about sneakers I like and not about what is popular.

If you would like to read and learn about shoes in the sneaker community then you are in the right place and I hope that my posts may teach you something you didn’t know before or at least be entertaining to read.

All criticism is welcome any corretions helps me grow and become  better. If there is anything you think is out-of-place, wrong about any of my posts or just want to go full grammar nazi on me, feel free to leave a comment og contact me through the contact page. If you have an idea for an upcoming posts also feel free to contact me.

And if it is your birthday. Happy birthday!